Official music video for the GermFree track “White Lies” from the forthcoming album Paper Chase.
Twitter/Instagram - @MsGermFree

Director/Editor - Steven Butler ( )
Cinematographer - Joey Lopez
Production Design - Matthew Harvey
Wardrobe Stylist - Angelina Coscuna
Produced by - Amy Greenleaf for La Stella Entertainment

A teaser for an experimental short film I wrote and directed a few months back.

Completed project coming soon…

Director/Editor - Steven Butler

DP - Cameron Schmucker

Demian Boergadine
Ken Arata
Jackamo Harvey
Heather Case Miller

click here to watch it on youtube

In hopes of impressing a girl, an unlikely b-boy breaks the only rule at an underground hip-hop dance club.

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Director/Editor - Steven Butler
DP - Chris Saul
Production Designer - Chanel Nardone
Dance Coordinator - B-Girl Peppa Yuan
Wardrobe - Meghan Martinez
Makeup - Melissa Pizzamiglio, Dennielle Yuen

Chuck Maa (Instant Noodles)
WillDaBeast Adams (Ocean’s 11)
Chelsea Vale - cute girl
Michael O’ Garro - bouncer

Rapid One
Ray Ponder
Matt “Genesis” Roberts
Michael “Swavey” Ward
Punky Kolquist

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After screwing up royally, a Photographer’s Assistant redeems himself by utilizing the beautiful golden reflective light inherent in a Doritos bag.

Director/editor - Steven Butler
DP - Sean Chung
Wardrobe - Meghan Martinez

Hector A. Garcia - the Asst.
Gavin Leighton - the Photographer
Katherine Barber - Doritos girl
Kelley Koski - Swimsuit Model
Rana Akhavan - Swimsuit Model

Quivver feat. Cari Golden - Happy

Director/Editor - Steven Butler

DP - Brian Bennet

Producers - Sean Chung, Kellie Yackee

Production Design - Chanel Nardone

A little teaser for my Monster Energy Drink spec commercial.

Coming Spring 2011

Director/Editor - Steven Butler (​sjb3000)
DP - Chris Saul

Chuck Maa
Willdabeast Adams
Rapid One
Ray Ponder

watch it on youtube -​watch?v=iAUvToOxVDg

Two hip hop dancers play a game in which the object is to “color” as many Nikes with their own personal style.

Director/Editor - Steven Butler (​sjb3000)
Cinematographer - Cameron Schmucker
Production Designer - Chanel Nardone
Set Builder - Scott Barber
Sound Design - Ben Lazarus
VFX - Ariel Hart
Makeup - Melissa Pizzamiglio
Stylist - Meghan Martinez

BGirl Peppa - dancer/choreographer
BBoy Nasty Ray - dancer/choreographer

my latest directorial effort :)

Official music video for the…

Cameron Angeli track “Boulevard”
lyrics and vocals by Cari Golden

Director - Steven Butler
DP - Salvatore Rocco
Editor - Steven Butler
1st AD - Sean Chung
Camera Op - Jerry Franck
1st AC - Cameron Schmucker
Art Director - Chanel Nardone
Choreographer - JJ Villar
Wardrobe - Meghan Martinez
Make-up and hair - Melissa Pizzamiglio

Shot on HVX -200 with adapter and Angenieux 20-120 zoom

Cameron Angeli:

Cari Golden:

Steven Butler: